Friday, January 18, 2019

Can the Existence of God Be Proven?

The existence of God. It must be a experiential decission and no book can prove it...

1. ‘First Cause’ Arguments
These arguments try to establish that the existence of God properly explains the very existence of the Universe: why is there anything at all. We will ask: Could the Universe explain its own existence? Could time be without a beginning?
2. ‘Design’ Arguments
Often it is claimed that the natural order of the Universe lends rational support to belief in God, and that the hypothesis of an intelligent Creator has significant force in explaining the apparent ‘fine tuning’ of the Cosmos. But could the order of the Cosmos be a ‘brute fact’ without explanation, particularly in light of evolutionary theory?
3. Ontological Arguments
Many philosophers have down the centuries argued that the very concept of God’s perfection entails that God must exist in reality, and not just the mind. What are we to say about these (‘ontological’) arguments? Is ‘existence’ a property of an ‘object’?
4. Belief in God and a Way of Life
Our last session will look at alternative ways of thinking about the relation between reason and religious faith. We will ask if belief in God may be required in some way as an adequate foundation for the highest kind of ethical ideal, and examine the idea that the very notion of a proof of the existence of God is inconsistent with a believer’s commitment to God.

Learning outcomes

Identify some historically important arguments for the existence of God.
Gain experience in critically appraising philosophical arguments.
Understand some of the key debates in contemporary philosophy of religion.

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Can the Existence of God Be Proven?
The existence of God. It must be a personal-experiential decission and no book can prove it... but of course there are solid arguments...
1. ‘First Cause’ Arguments
2. ‘Design’ Arguments
3. Ontological Arguments
4. Belief in God and a Way of Life

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Gospel of John Chapter 7

Please Listen to this beautiful chapter of the story. Get deeply in the profound and inspiring salvation story of Jesus-Christ

Monday, September 24, 2018

Project Gospel of John


On August 8 2018 I felt God the holy spirit convicting me to share the good news of the Gospel of JesusChrist through the internet world.

First, I started this project by finding the word-by-word reading from the book of John in the new testament using the NKJV. New King James Version of the bible word of God. once found I downloaded the MP3 audio file by using a cloud service that converts from youtube video to audio and then downloads the file.

I created a folder structure in my windows 7 system that contains the Gospel of John data and multimedia files. I named it "20180808-Gospel of John" inside there is a folder for all the 21 chapters found in the book, some images for the videos and the audacity audio project to split the reading into 21 separate audios, the GIMP project, the tags for youtube metadata in a .CSV file.

Each folder is named with the following convention "Jhon-<chapterNo>" and must contain:  the audio file, the GIMP image, the camtasia project.

The audios are splitted based on the chapter and then exported to .WAV file using audacity, then the image for the corresponding chapter is generated by using GIMP, camtasia tudio is used to load the image, audio and create a MP4 video file. The video is uploaded to Youtube.

Today in my devotionals I felt the conviction of the Holy spirit to study the book of John. 

I started by reading a piece from the book, watched youtube videos, found some academic articles in Mendeley. Then I came across the knowledge of a video of the Gospel of John movie like with word-by-word narration. I edited a bit of the info in and I tried in a Wikipedia post just to realize how painful they make things. Apparently wikipedia and other URL link shorteners dont allow you to reference Amazon Web services so the purpose of this post is to describe my ideas to share the good news of the gospel by using IT resources and to post the link to the Amazon Video here.

I also found an amazing set of videos in the bible project. I got for you the summary in an image. I encourage you to read the book of John and grow spiritually.

Please watch the videos

Note: today september 25th 2018. To-Do I gotta teach my Fiancee how to do this so that she can help me. My mind is like a river of ideas but I am not good at focusing. My wifey-To-Be is ultra good at focusing. I will lovingly teach her so she can help me and we will serve God more.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

God sends a Vision of Asian Eyes

Thank you God for Sweanie and what I see in her (prov 31:29-30)...
Thank you father for the moments, for the long talks and for the Filipino Halo Halo that you created.

Time has revealed that we are not so different after all. I like those many similarities that we continue to discover about each other. Is like "oh really do you also like that?"
I see you smiling God because even though you put us together we are free to choose how to go on with what we have been building together.

Similar to a plant that starts as a seed, then germinates, it requires constant nurturing, care, protection, watering, lots of food (This one specially in the analogy and for us), bearing fruits... Is a process.

Our differences are also important, our independence is understood through them.

I appreciate the mutual respect, we might be wrong in our opinion because we know only God is right and is the truth. There is so much to say because of this talkativeness of mine.

Love must be the most important, hope and faith (1 Corinthians 13). Let those be our goals. God is Always first, Always, Always!

Time, time will be our allied. Time will tell, time will reveal, time will heal, time is the tool that God has for us. I appreciate Sweanie Queenie every little detail. I appreciate the way you are as a persona, the depth of your mind, the glimpse of such a beautiful soul. I find you extremely pretty but I know time will also change the material view... You are a woman of Him and that makes you extremely more attractive.

Maybe is not about getting to know each other but to build each other up, to grow together, to allow Him to work in our lives. God will lead us, God will make us corageous and strong.
I Love you with my soul, I Love you with the Love of God, I hope God takes us to such a depth of connection and empowerment. Love is powerful. God is powerful and God is Love, we will see miracles.

Thank you God again as for there is nothing impossible to you.

We Love you God.

Friday, April 24, 2015

The God I just can't Understand

I dont question God's existence. I have seen God through the perfection of the universe, nature and even science.
I just dont understand him or her. God is so strange. Preachers judge people if they get sick, religious people tend to judge people's reality because of their actions.

I dont understand God. Is not the suffering of people, or the fact that many religious people are having such terrible diseases. Is the fact that God is very strange. It seems to me that God helps when he/she wants to do it or God just doesn't help when he/she does not want to.

There was a kid from church in Socorro, Colombia. He was nice, quiet, good boy, very faithful, young, very religious, active in church. He died apparently of Cancer. I saw the news on Facebook and it shocked me. Why such an active christian would die like this? why God dint heal him? why does God choose to heal some but others not? Those questions filled my mind

I am angry with God sometimes. Why to trust God and be very active spiritually. I am in both sides: I want to run away from God and I desperately need God. There is a lack of the love of God that I need now.

God you are very difficult. I stopped thinking about many things because you just don't make sense and that is why I am angry at you at this moment.
What some people feel. Some people fight with God and are angry at him

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spiritual Earthquakes!

I havent published reflections lately. From the last time I published my spiritual life has gotten colder. My dear grandma passed away. It seems when death comes to the ones I love I tend to move away from God. My girlfriend and I found a nice mega church that we go to. Is hard because I go to church on saturday and then the following weeks I start to have a bunch of trial and tribulation. Today I experienced spiritual harships in the form of increased sexual desire. I wanted to sleep with all possible women I saw in the street. After struggling for a while and having many thoughts I kind of looked up and ask God for help. It did relieved me a little.

I came back to work and everything was fine. I was scanning some documents and we felt the floors were shaking. One of my cowrkers suggested that it might be an earthquake and we just dismiss it. 10 seconds later there was a real and heavy earthquake of magnitude 6.6. I ran very fast to get out of that building, I was very nervous and worry about all my family and girlfriend. After being sure that I was safe, I approached the few people that were outside with me and told them to go to the nearest park. Fortunately the earthquake had just ended.

There are times in life where you have spiritual earthquakes in life. You want to go out and be safe. You want to feel quiet and at peace. The only way to really be safe when a spiritual earthquake is happening in your life is to look up and pray to God.

figure 1. Picture of people outside a Colombian building after the earthquake.

Note: In case of a physical earthquake please refer to the following link for the recommended actions:

Friday, March 15, 2013

Even though...

I got kicked out of church. Some crappy dumb kid thought that being a leader and having non stupid members in his clan was a bad thing. Appearently I was an unequal yonk because I think in a different way and have reasonable questions. He told me that I was out of the group.
Lesson: Go to church but dont become too involved in the little groups. They Destroy your faith.

God deliver me from your followers.